My name is Aparna and I am 34 years old. I am from India. I am staying 10 days with two colleagues in New York for business. But it is my second trip to New York and the first one was for vacation. I don’t often travel abroad but I love New York!

I went to the Empire State Building, to the Belmont Park, to Wall Street, to the Museum of Natural History, and to the Carnegie Hall for a Jazz concert. This Jazz concert was really great! I also took the ferry from New York to New Jersey and I saw the Statue of Liberty. It was really picturesque and a very nice trip, especially because the weather was good. I went to some bars in Times Square. There are plenty of bars in this area. I also ate at a very good Indian restaurant called Utsav. It is located at 1185 Avenue of the Americas, between 46th and 47th streets. It was excellent and I was missing Indian food. The service was good and it wasn’t expensive. Overall, I love New York, but you never have enough time to visit all the museums and parks, which is disappointing! That’s my second trip here but I will definitely come back again! The only downside is that, being vegetarian, it was difficult to find places where I could easily eat in New York, so I hope that when I come back, restaurants will have vegetarian meals on their menus!