This Sunday in Times Square (Broadway between 42nd -44th) check out Ecofest. It’s free and takes place from 10am-6pm. There will be fun activities for the kids, like recycling olympics and more. There will be interesting “green” products, an Eco Fashion Show, food, drink, and other entertainment. Also check out the workshops and seminars on sustainability and energy efficiency. Enjoy!



Get ready to see lots of sailors walking around New York City next week because Fleet Week is back! On Wednesday, May 21 from 9am-11am watch the parade of ships as the US Coast Guard and US Navy ships arrive in the New York Harbor. Later in the week you can take tours of the some ships, as well as attending other events throughout the week.
But really, half the fun of Fleet Week is catching the eyes all the sailors in uniform!



Have you always thought about donating money or supplies to a charity but are worried about the overhead cost and how much actually reaches the people in need? DonorsChoose, is an online charity, where teachers post what crucial resources they need but are missing due to school budgets. You choose what you want to donate and you know exactly who it is for. Why not help educate the next Einstein?


It’s that time of year again when thousands of Coast Guards, Marines, and sailors descend upon New York City. Check the complete schedule for a list of venues and events where you can personally meet the men and women in uniform and go aboard some of the finest ships in the world protecting the waters.



The weather is warming up and summer is right around the corner. Spend some time outside at the South Street Seaport learning how to Tango for FREE. Come once or come everyday to learn from some of the finest Argentine Dance teachers around.