My name is Daniela and I am from Brazil. I am still a student so I have plenty of time to travel in the US and in Brazil. I often come to New York because I really love the City. This is actually my fourth time here and, for this trip, I stayed with my family during four days.

We took the ferry to the see the Statue of Liberty, we went to Ground Zero and to Central Park, we visited the Rockefeller Center, and we went shopping on Fifth Avenue of course! We also visited Saint Patrick Church and it was great. But what I preferred was the Statue of Liberty: you cannot miss it if you come to New York! Times Square is also amazing: you don’t know where to look. What is also very nice about New York is that you can find very old buildings in such a modern city. I find it very paradoxical but so interesting! I have had the chance to attend many Broadway shows during my several stays in the City: The Phantom of the Opera, Beauty and the Beast, the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall, Chicago and Mickey Mouse is Dead. They were all wonderful but I would recommend overall the Phantom of the Opera. We often go to Brazilian and Italian restaurants in Midtown. If you want to eat the best pastas and fettuccines in New York, go to Via Italia at 45 West 46th Street. It was really excellent! My best experience here was when we met a group of journalists from a Brazilian local newspaper. They interviewed us in Central Park and it was so funny! I really love New York and I will definitely come back again. When you come here, you never have enough time to see everything. I wish I could come back to live here. If you want to ask any question to Daniela, you can contact her at [email protected]