Jennifer and Derek are 33 and 29 years old and usually go away twice a year in the United States for vacations. They already went, among others, to Miami and Los Angeles, and decided to spent 5 days in New York in August.

During their stay in New York, they visited the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Metropolitan Museum, the NBC studios and the Yankee Stadium. They also went to Central Park. But, as a fan of baseball, what Derek preferred was the Yankee Stadium. Their best experience in New York was when they took the Circle Line ferry to go to the Statue of Liberty because the sights were very nice. However, their worse experience was to wait in line during more than 3 hours to attend David Letterman’s show, and security finally cut the line just I front of them! They were planning to go to the HA!, which is a comedy club located on 163 West 46th Street. On the all, they really like New York. In five days, they went pretty much to all the places they wanted to visit. They recommend doing tours because it is very interesting to have explanations on the places you are visiting. They also found the subway very convenient: their tips is to take a look at the lines when arriving in New York and then to use the subway as much as possible. They will definitely come back to New York, but before coming back, they would like to visit other cities.